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Prompt Queens is the songwriting podcast where every episode hosts Hope Dunbar & Emily Dunbar pick a prompt, write a new song to the prompt, play it, and discuss the songwriting and creative process.  We also invite you to play along.  We want to get you writing.  Pick one of the prompts, write, and send us your song.  Once we've got a sampling of songs, we'll incorporate them into an episode. 

Upload songs here!


Jan 30, 2020

Hope and Emily (figuratively) tackle Alanis Morissette, although if they were to ever meet her they might be so excited that they do tackle her.  No they wouldn't, Alanis.  No one will tackle you.  Either way, as admirers of her music, the Prompt Queens had a great time trying to write a song for her.  You should write...

Jan 16, 2020

We kick off a new year and a new season with the prompt And in That Moment.  You should write a song in THIS moment and send it in to us.

Jan 2, 2020

Where did 2019 go?  It went into a ton of songs.  Prompt Queens wrote their butts off this year an in this episode, they recap the highlights.  And hats of to Thad, the long suffering pretengineer for cutting together this episode.