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Prompt Queens is the songwriting podcast where every episode hosts Hope Dunbar & Emily Dunbar pick a prompt, write a new song to the prompt, play it, and discuss the songwriting and creative process.  We also invite you to play along.  We want to get you writing.  Pick one of the prompts, write, and send us your song.  Once we've got a sampling of songs, we'll incorporate them into an episode. 

Upload songs here!


Oct 17, 2019

Two turntables and a microphone.  Two birds with one stone.  Two hooky choruses and no verses.  The latter is what Emily & Hope tackled this week: they each took a stab at two choruses, and two choruses alone.  They have vowed never to do that again, but you should listen to hear what they came up with AND you should...

Oct 10, 2019

Hope & Emily wrote new songs and then some.  They crack some jokes and then some.  The Prompt Queens talk about songwriting and then some.  They encourage you to write a long at home and send it in...(wait for it)...and then some.

Oct 3, 2019

Is it a razor? Is it the tool you use to draw a line? Is it a goody-goody?  Listen and find out how Emily and Hope interpreted this prompt.  THEN, write your own song and send it in!

Sep 26, 2019

Hope and Emily write songs about fruit, share their favorite smoothie recipes, try on new accents, and discuss songwriting and the creative process. You should write along at home!

Sep 19, 2019

Hope & Emily pay homage to an amazing lady of the 80s, rocker Pat Benetar.  Do things go a little off the rails?  Slightly, but don't they always?  The Prompt Queens write two songs a la Pat.  They talk songwriting.  They welcome their pal Lisa into the studio.  They crack each other up and they invite you to write...